Tapestry of Faith - About the Book

I guess I am not very well-known to the public, so to speak, so I thought it might be a good idea to get to know me. Well, where do I begin? I am blessed so let me count the ways. I have a great husband, two amazing kids, plus two dogs and a cat -- all of which I am crazy about! I have more great family that I will talk about further as well as the best church family on earth.

I love all of the uniquely beautiful seasons that we Ohioans have the privilege of experiencing. I also love books, bookstores, libraries, and reading, of course. I enjoy cooking and collecting cookbooks, however, my favorite items to collect are Longaberger baskets and pottery. My two wonderful sisters got me started, and we enjoy collecting and shopping together to add pieces here and there.

I love the country and the simple life. I am not “silk and satin” but rather “flannel and fleece”! I hate to dress up and fuss over clothes, which explains my blue jeans most days. If I sound boring, it’s because I probably am! I do not seek the limelight but can rather be found avoiding it! I love working with the kids in our prep school on missions and other projects that involve service to a cause. Education, missions and special needs advocacy are the passions that inspire me in ways that will also be discussed in detail.

My greatest passion, however, is being a mom and nothing brings greater challenge, joy, contentment, or treasure. I also love my many other titles but being an aunt and great aunt to my two beautiful nieces, six handsome nephews, and two gorgeous baby girls are two of my favorites. Well, I’ve skipped around and probably sound scattered but don’t like talking about myself. I think the best way to know a person is through their living example. As Paul said, “We are epistles known and read of all men.” I want my life to be well-written and well-read. I pray it is a compelling story that inspires others or simply blesses their day. I am just another pilgrim trying to find their way and wanting to be a true Christian while on the quest. I have always wanted to have the heart of Mother Teresa, the domestic skills of Martha Stewart, and the mind of Anne Morrow Lindbergh, with the love and generosity of my grandma. I really shot for the stars on that one! Well, I am left with just me and what I know for sure - that God loves me where I am and will be my tour-guide on this trip called life! Fasten your seat belts - it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

Order your copy of Joni Parsley's new book - Tapestry of Faith

Order your copy of Joni Parsley's new book - Tapestry of Faith Order your copy of Joni Parsley's new book - Tapestry of Faith

Order your copy of Joni Parsley's new book - Tapestry of Faith

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